Messier 45 (The Pleiades Cluster)

M45 also known as the Pleiades Cluster is one of the prettiest things to view during the fall/winter skies. It looks amazing through a telescope. The blue nebulosity around the stars can be seen in the image.

I took captured this in 2015. I wish I had more data with this image. I’m going to try to take this picture again when I have a chance.

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Messier 31 (Andromeda Galaxy)

M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) is the galaxy closest to us. This is a very bright object which can be observed with our naked eye.

I took this image of M31 in 2014. The target is not in focus, I have since gotten a Bahtinov mask to avoid future issues. Even this blurry image is a lot better than my previous attempt where I have star trails.

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