Hi everybody, I appreciate anyone visiting this site. My name is Rupesh, I grew up in a very rural seafaring community in India. I also spent a few years in a small town in Oman. Both of these places had one thing in common, dark skies. I can remember looking up to the sky with my grandmother, and she would tell me the eastern mythology behind the different constellations.

My Telescope and I at Cherry Springs, Pennsylvania
My Telescope and I at Cherry Springs, Pennsylvania

We didn’t have a telescope or binoculars, but my imagination and curiosity were piqued at a very young age. We would sit on the sands listening to the waves crash as my grandmother would talk to me and my cousins about the different stories. I honestly do not remember the stories anymore, but I remember looking up at the different stars and occasionally catching a meteor. Every time I look up to the skies, all I can see are memories of my grandmother.

I’ve always been into photography. I held my first camera, a Canon AE-1 film camera when I was three years old. I always loved the sound of the shutter click. My mom would give me a camera without any film so that I could pretend. In turn, she would develop the photos she took, and I would always think I did a great job. It was just natural that the next step was to merge photography and astronomy.

I got into astrophotography about 10 years ago. I’ve made some progress, but I’ve always been limited by time and life. I now have some extra time to dedicate to this hobby, and I hope to capture some amazing images to show everyone. Please visit again as I promise I’ll have more images for everyone to look at.

What’s with the name Lost Photons?
I’m calling it Lost Photons because the light we capture with astrophotography is photons lost to billions of years in time. These photons that have traveled all this time and distance would be lost forever if it wasn’t captured by our cameras. I’m not sure if the name makes sense, but I was pretty intoxicated when I came up with the name, and it made sense to me at the time.

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I would love to hear from you guys. I love getting feedback, good or bad I like hearing what I can do better or differently. I will try to respond as soon as possible.